Wednesday, January 27, 2010

U just live here.

-Miami, Fl

Experts called for the upset but the game was decided in the opening quater. FSU did what it couldn't do against Michigan. Make the renegade package work. "We knew it would work, we just shouldn't have implemented it against Michigan." Miami, wasn't ready. Willie Downs the former All American High School QB never dreamed of taking snaps for FSU. "Coach JD told me to get out there and I was like for real coach?" Coach JD has a different version of the story. "I told him, all you do is run Willie, DO NOT THROW THE BALL." Apparently he listened as he went on the 50 yard scamper for the TD.

FSU's gameplan was centered around the run. "Miami has a really good backfield, and we knew if it came down to throwing, we were in trouble." So FSU put the ball on the ground and it worked as FSU knocked off their rivals 33-21.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Offensive Formation

-Tallahassee, Fl

Coach JD said today in a phone call with ESPN that FSU would be adding a new "look" to their offense next week for their game against Michigan. "We realize how good Michigan's defense is, and we are trying to add something new to throw at them." We asked JD for the formations that he was looking to use...he declined comment.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Eagles get their wings clipped

-Tallahassee, Fl

The Noles came home to kick off ACC competition, and it couldn't have gone any better. Will Secord was the starter after last weeks comeback and according to Coach JD, things will stay that way. "Yep, Will is our guy. He's really shown to be steady in the pocket, and he's really coming along as a QB." Secord had his second consecutive 200+ yard passing game. He went 12 of 16 for 263 yards.However, another Nole took home player of the game, Marcus Baker who rushed for 203 yards and 2 TD's drove the BC defense nuts as they had no answer for him all day long. "It felt real good to be able to make an impact on the outcome of the game. Coach JD has been talking me up all week and the offensive line gave me plenty of lanes to choose from. Michigan better watch out."
FSU's defense seems to finally be coming in, in this picture they show you how to NOT run a screen. *Note the BC players behind them*

Thursday, January 14, 2010


-Provo, UT

Edward Lavell Stadium was rocking, all the way up until the 3rd quater. Coach JD had finally had enough of the Josh Hayes, "I played him too soon, I put too much pressure on him." Hayes was rattled all game long and it showed as he completed just 5 of 10 passes with 1 Touchdown and one interception. Don't worry though, there's always the starter. In came Will Secord who hadn't thrown a pass all game. "I told him he was our only shot to win, that I knew I was asking alot but I knew he could do it." Secord came in firing throwing for 9 of 18 for 237 yards and 3 Touchdowns. "Coach JD just told me to come out and play my game. We have some great receivers and this really was a team effort. I told the guys in the huddle, we can get this thing accomplished if we didn't quit." Apparently the Noles offense got the message. Chris Thompson carried 25 times for 129 yards, and Rodney Smith caught 3 passes for 108 yards and 2 Touchdowns on the day. The Noles go back home to Doak to begin conference play next week as they host Boston College at 3:30 saturday.