Wednesday, January 27, 2010

U just live here.

-Miami, Fl

Experts called for the upset but the game was decided in the opening quater. FSU did what it couldn't do against Michigan. Make the renegade package work. "We knew it would work, we just shouldn't have implemented it against Michigan." Miami, wasn't ready. Willie Downs the former All American High School QB never dreamed of taking snaps for FSU. "Coach JD told me to get out there and I was like for real coach?" Coach JD has a different version of the story. "I told him, all you do is run Willie, DO NOT THROW THE BALL." Apparently he listened as he went on the 50 yard scamper for the TD.

FSU's gameplan was centered around the run. "Miami has a really good backfield, and we knew if it came down to throwing, we were in trouble." So FSU put the ball on the ground and it worked as FSU knocked off their rivals 33-21.

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